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Alien McGuffin Noir Redux

Second pass AMN Epi1 Introduction

Hello Survivors!

We are on our break between seasons.  As is my habit, I over you some different stories and interviews to hold you interest while I’m working on the next season. 

Today I’m going to replay the first chapter in a story I’m writing called “Alien McGuffin Noir”, read by Mike Darling, AKA ‘Makeshift’ from the Wasteland. 

So, if you’re a time traveler bingeing in from the past you need to skip ahead for new episodes of Season 5 of After the Apocalypse.

If you are a loyal survivor playing along in real time give this story a listen and send me some feedback. 

Mike did a fantastic job with the read and the post production.  It’s a real gem and a treat

I originally released the first two chapters of this story before and I’m inspired to do some more work on it this summer, and deliver more episodes, so I’ll re-drop the original two episodes to refamiliarize you with the story.

Hope you enjoy the distraction.

I’ll come back at the end with some more comments.


Welcome back survivors. 

Hope you enjoyed that. 

I wrote these first two chapters in 2022.  That summer we had ust finished the second season of After the apocalypse and it had grown exponentially to over 20,000 downloads a month.  I was considering starting a new storyline and this was one of the ideas I wanted to play with. 

I was reading a lot of classic Noir novels that summer and realizing how much the Noir genre with it’s atmosphere and tone influenced the movies I loved, like Blade Runner, and decided to try to write a mashup of hard sci-fi and Noir and this was the result. 

I got through 2 and a half chapters and hit a wall.  But, I’ve recently dusted it off an am working on it again.  Part of the reason I hit the wall, and this is a maturity thing on my part, is that in my mind this was a one or maybe two episode pilot project.  But when I got into it, it started to expand with no end in sight and I ran out of rope.

Speaking of Noir influence…

I picked up a pile of novels from my local used book store recently and one of them , which I am currently reading, is Image of the Beast by Phillip Jose Farmer.  

This is the first novel I’ve read from Farmer, although I have heard his name used in reference before. 

He is a unique writer.  He specializes in Sci-Fi and fantasy but also mashups of other authors, characters and styles.  He delves into sexuality and religious themes. 

This novel is a mashup of detective Noir, science fiction, horror and porn.  Which, frankly, took me by surprise.  Especially the horror porn part.  It’s not my usual fare and a bit disturbing.  That being said, it does stick with you, which is a mark of effective art. 

For a 1968 book this must have been really shocking. 

But the writing is great and it is interesting so I’m going to stick with it and add him to my list of authors to explore more. 

Interesting dude.  Interesting book. 

My summer break is going great.  I’m loving the nice weather and long days.  It makes it easier to get up early and write. 

I’m training to run a 100K race in the fall, which you care about because that means I’ll be spending many long hours out on the trails, deep in thought, and that’s where some of my best writing comes from. 

I’m going to drop something for you to listen to every couple weeks depending on what I get done.  I’ve got a listener story to share and I’m doing some interviews that I’ll share as well.

I am working on the season one manuscript and one of my goals is to have that ready to publish by the fall as well.

We’ve had a rush of survivors joining the Facebook group.  I don’t have any love for Facebook, but it’s easy and we’re up to 482 members.

I had started a newsletter to communicate through email, but it was too much work and wasn’t really resonating so I stopped.  If I can find a way to make that valuable to you and workable for me I’ll restart it, and that would get us out of Facebook’s walled garden.

You can support me by subscribing on Patreon or Acast to get the shows early and ad free.  I do appreciate that.

All of these notes and links to everything I mention are in the show notes and on my website.

Hope your summers are going well.  I appreciate you and thank you.

Keep your fedora screwed on tight in those dark alleys, make sure to pack heat, and keep surviving.

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