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Encores, zombies and time-off!

Outro S4 E21

Hello my survivor friends.  We made it.  After many long months of weathering the cold and living on meager rations we have, through shear faith, hope and willpower emerged at the end of season 4!

And, as always, for you time-traveling bingers, it is the ides of May 2024.  You may be consuming this particular slice of apocalyptic life at some point in the vast, shadowy, and unknown future. 

Or maybe you’ve been with us in the bunker since the beginning. 

Either way, I want you to pause, take a breath, and think about what we’ve accomplished together.  4 seasons, 81 episodes across 4 years! 


One lesson I would like to tap in the shoulder is the lesson of consistency and endurance.  If you leave your house each day for a walk, and on your walk you select one stone and bring it back to add to add to the others soon enough you will have a pile of stones, (or in our case a plie of bones), perhaps enough to make a handsome stone wall. 

So – for all my fellow distracted procrastinators, that’s the hack.  You don’t need to do the big thing all at once.  Just start, an take one step, one stone, one word, one chapter and then the next and you will be surprised by the height of your pile.

And of course, it’s marathon, not a sprint.  That saying always makes me wince, because as a long distance runner I would much rather run a marathon than a sprint.  But, yes, the journey can sometimes get hard and you need to just keep putting one foot in front of the other – baby steps.

So, congratulations to uson finishing another season.  And I mean it when I say ‘us’ because I could not do it if I didn’t have you waiting for the results.  I appreciate you.  I am grateful. 

And, I will give you standing offer of help if you need it.  Want some coaching?  Want to start a podcast, but you don’t know how?  Want to start a running practice?  Feel free to shoot me an email at cyktrussell at Gmail dot com.

It takes a village – Since we are at the end of an season, let me do the right thing and thank my voice talent, Robert from, gie him a shout if you have any audio work you need done. 

And my editors, Duane, Dave, Tim and Blake – They each bring something special and together we make a great stew.

If any of you want to pitch in I can always use help with editing, producing and other creative drivel that we do here at apocalypse HQ.

OK, my survivor friends, what happens next.?

I take the summer off to work on laying out the next season.  I tend to take at least 2 months.  It also allows me to get ahead in the production process so we’re not scrambling to make deadlines.  That adds quality and makes everyone’s life easier.

I will also fill the dead air with other content.  I am going to be doing some interviews, which I will share.  I also have a few stories that that I think you will like. 

It’s all good and entertaining!  Don’t go away because Season 5 is planned to be the last season and all your favorite characters will find the end of their arcs and all the themes will find their resolutions.

I have been doing some reading and I’ll share one book with you. 

2016 would have been the heyday of the hype cycle for the Walking Dead.  This would have been around season 6 which is Alexandria timeline, right before they meet Negan. 

Many popular shows across time have created companion book series as a way to capitalize on the popularity.  Like Star Trek novels etc, they are stories set in the existing universe. 

I have never been interested in any of these, I guess because it seems a bit exploitive and because I assume they’ll be weak-tea when compared to the main product.

I was interested to see what the quality of the work was and how closely they used the coda. 

I still don’t know how this works in terms of production.  I assume that the producers say ‘Hey, let’s cash in on this popularity and create a companion book series!’ and then they find authors to pay to write them.  I know some fairly famous SciFi authors have done this. 

The story in this book was set in the universe around the Alexandria timeline but did not use any of the characters or places from the show. 

The writing and story followed the show format closely.  There was a set up with brief exposition and then one battle after another.  The zombie fights were described with gleeful abandon by the author.  All kinds of blood and guts and brain fluid spraying around. 

I can picture this author at the keyboard, with a glass of bourbon the one side, pounding out these graphic bludgeonings like a manic Kerouac.

They also did that thing that the show did; introduce a character just enough to get you to like them and then kill them off in some heroic death. 

Franky I skimmed ahead through most of it because there was nothing surprising and the characters were thin.  So, yeah, weak tea. 

At the end of the day it keeps an author employed, makes some money for the franchise and serves an audience – so more power to them.

That’s it for this week, for this season, my survivor friends.

Let’s take some time to mow the bunker lawn and trim the bushes and restock for the next winter.

Come join us on our Facebook group.  All of these articles with the links to what I talk about are posted on my website at

Throw me some money to keep me motivated through Patreon or Buy me a coffee.  Sign up for a membership on Acast to get the shows a week early and ad free.

This summer I am going to work on publishing the first season in book form.  I am.  I swear I am…

One step at a time Chris…

Stay chilly my friends and Keep surviving.

965 words.

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