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Season 3 Episode 7 - Spooky Roller Coasters

Outro – S3 E7

Hello my survivor Friends.

Welcome back to the After the Apocalypse podcast. This is Chris your host.

I wanted to give a shout out of appreciation to a couple new subscribers. Mark Davies from the UK signed up on our Patreon page and John Harris from Kentucky signed up for the Acast Plus option – where you can get the episodes ad-free, a week before anyone else and there is access to unique members only content.

I’ll tell you a funny story. I was listening to a webinar from Patreon ths week with a couple big-wig industry insiders were answering questions about podcasting. One of the questions from the audience was something like ‘How do audio fiction podcasts get more listeners and more revenue?’ And the bigwig’s answer was basically ‘Audio fiction doesn’t’ make any money and if you’re doing it for some other reason than love, you’re in trouble.’

Well then. Thanks for crushing our dreams Mr. Hollywood!

Lucky for you folks I’m in it for love. But, I still need to not loose too much money in the process so any support you can give helps.

Season 3, Episode 7 – We are almost half-way into our 5-season run! How about that?

This episode, well, I liked it. I’ll tell you why. When I first wrote it it was awful and boring and had no stakes. But, that’s how my process works, and I would venture that’s how most creative’s processes work. I had plenty of words but it all just sounded like Wah Wah Wah when I read it.

I rallied my editors and talked through it. I removed two whole scenes and rewrote the other scenes. I added lots of what I like to call ‘music’ and I added the over-arching stakes of the normalcy of the DC vs the encroaching chaos of the apocalypse.

Anyhow, I was really pleased with the final draft. So, if I apply the inverse rule of creations, you probably hated it.

Ahhh well we try! The lesson here for you creatives is don’t dismiss the value of that first, awful draft. We would all like our brilliance to spring forth fully formed on the page like the lady of the lake, but sometimes you have to write the dud first.

I’ve got another story, potentially spooky story, about episode 6.

Do you remember the scene where Zane is remembering back to the old wooded roller coaster in the old amusement park he worked in as a kid?

That scene and that coaster were based on a very real amusement park near where I grew up. It was named Whalom Park and the old coaster was the wooden Flying Comet.

And one of my editors, Dave, worked there as a kid growing up. The way we describe the apocalyptic nature of the park and the terrifying wooden roller coaster is absolutely true.

That’s not the spooky part.

I received a package from my sister this past week for my birthday. She sent me a couple books but also tucked inside was a picture of the old coaster at Whalom park with a write up of how the same company made a famous wooden roller coaster on Coney Island.

I’m thinking…’how did she listen to my show before it was released?’

So – I texted nonchalantly, ‘what’s with the Whalom Park pictures?’ To which she replied, “I thought it was a cool memory – just random.”

Then I filled her in on the connection.

So there you go. We think the universe is random. It is not random it is just chaotic and beyond our comprehension!

And with that my friends I could tell another story, but I’ll save it for another day.

I did finish ‘Alas Babylon’ – a nuclear apocalypse novel from 1959. I enjoyed it. It is a product of its time – when they thought people would survive a nuclear war. It was described to me as a ‘slow burn’ and I can see that as a good description.

It has a lot of what we have come to expect from apocalyptic fiction. Like how the survivors figure out how to live after all the modern conveniences are removed. In that way it cuts closely to the science fiction of the 1950’s where resourceful men figure things out and meet challenges with basic engineering skills.

It also is racially progressive for its time and makes an attempt to give women some power as well – in a weird 1950’s housewife kind of way.

I’m surprised it never got made into a movie. It has a good 3-act storyline and a good resolution. I was looking forwarded to reading as I got into the latter part of the book. I would have appreciated another couple hundred pages.

Well my friends now is when I need to escort you to the shelter exit and kick you back out into the apocalypse of the real world for a couple more weeks.

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Peace to you, my survivor friends and remember to keep surviving.

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