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Interview - Roger Smith Robotics, AI and SciFi

Hello my apocalypse friends,

Hope you are doing well.  In this episode we treat you to an interview with Robert Smith where we talk about robotics and AI. 

For those of you time traveling in from the future, it is June of 2024 and we are between seasons 4 and 5 of the narrative. 

As is my habit I take a break from the main narrative over the summer months, but fill the airwaves, or I guess that would be internet-waves with other things.  For this summer I’m going to run a number of interviews.  Some where I am the interviewer, like this one, and some where I am even the interviewee.

So – if you’re not interested in that, feel free to skip ahead to season 5. 

I will give you some brief set up comments here, then the interview, then come back at the end with a brief update.

You can find everything you need at my website 

Just to prime your pump, here is an AI promotion I created for the podcast.  I gave it around 5 minute of one of my outros and a description of the podcast.  I then prompted it to create this spot.  It wrote the script and created this audio.

… Audio here

Short Bio:

Dr. Roger Smith is an award-winning scientist who writes medical science fiction novels featuring advanced surgical devices, AI, and speculative diseases. Prior to his writing, he enjoyed a goldilocks career in healthcare, government, and national defense. For ten years, he was a leading robotic surgery researcher, publishing his results in medical journals and speaking at surgical conferences. He spent four years in civilian government service, leading the technology innovation for all US Army simulation systems. Prior to that he was a Vice President for multiple defense software companies.

Nonfiction Author:

1.       Chief Technology Officer

2.       Thinking About Innovation

3.       Simulation and Gaming Technology in Medical Education

Future Fiction Author:

1.       The Surgeon in the Mirror

2.       Against a Viral Threat

3.       Savior of the War Torn

4.       Freyja $AI

This interview is about 25 minutes long.



If you’re still with us, I hope you took something away from that discussion.  With all the doom a gloom in the world it’s easy to forget the speed that we are innovating at.  I would posit that we are innovating faster than we, as humans, can handle it.  We are going to be forced to evolve. 

These are interesting and exciting times. 

I’m grinding away on the first manuscript and am targeting completion by the end of June, then I’ll go into the publishing process. 

In some senses it’s both hard and easy work.  If I’m just tweaking the editing goes fast.  If it’s something more structural it takes time.  That makes it difficult to set time expectations and schedule.  Editing, it turns out, is another exercise in endurance and persistence.

Summer is going great.  Hope you all are well. 

Let me know if you need anything.

Find everything you need on the website at 

The Facebook group has 487 members now – and we’d like to see you there as well.

With that I will move you towards the exit my friends.

Enjoy your time off and keep surviving.



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