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S1 E7 - Earth Abides

Episode 7 Outro:

Hello from your author Chris.

I wanted to check in and see if any of you folks needed anything. Are you enjoying the story? I’m enjoying writing it. Stick around next week to see what happens to Janet.

I don’t’ have any artwork of Janet, but I envision here as looking like a bad-ass ironman triathlete. If anyone wants to take a swing at some fan art I’d love to see it.

As we progress this will become a book and of course an audio book. I’m already have an audio book on audible from one of my other projects and it gets good traction. If anyone listening is or knows any publishers who would be interested feel free to send them my way!

Last week I talked about some of the genesis movies of the apocalypse genre. This week I’ll share one book that has definitely influenced me. Its’ a book called “Earth Abides”, published in 1949 by George R. Stewart.

A man is in a remote cabin, and wakes up from having a sickness, only to realize most of the population has been killed off. He doesn’t die because he was bitten by a bat and it gave him partial immunity. Why is it always a bat? I think it was a bat in all those moves I talked about last week too.

Anyhow, the book is very thoughtful about how the survivors would act, how the infrastructure would slowly crumble and how civilization would revert. The central metaphor is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Stephen King called ‘Earth Abides” his inspiration for the Stand, and Jimi Hendrix said it was his favorite book. I probably read this book 30 years ago and the some of the scenes are still vivid in my mind.

If you’d like to contact me directly you can shoot me an email at cyktrussell at gmail dot com.

Thank you for reading, be safe, and keep surviving.

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