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S2 E13 - The Apocalypse Post

Outro S2 E13

OK my survivor friends. Nice to see you all again this week, although some of you look like you haven’t got a good night’s sleep in weeks.

That’s what the apocalypse does to you.

We’ve followed the our survivors through week 13 of season 2. For those of you time traveling in from the future it is the ides of February 2022.

The days are getting longer up here where I live, but it’s still a bit oppressive with freezing temperatures, ice, snow and darkness.

The pending approach of spring, I think, makes it worse. You can see the warm, green fingers of spring just over the horizon. The birds are building their nests and singing in the mornings, but the winter clings on like a cold, angryguest who just won’t take the hint and leave!

I’ve been focusing on my morning routine this month. To make sure I get my head right before the day starts. This helps with the creeping isolation we all start to feel. I loosely follow a process introduced tom me by Hal Elrod in his book“the Miracle Morning”.

And that’s a bit of the answer to the question I get sometimes. How do I get things done when I have a full-time job, and a lot of hobbies.Some of it happens in the morning.

I don’t get up particularly early. I get up at 6:00AM. I’ve tried getting up earlier but I have found it leads to sleep deprivation and the answer, at least for me, has never been found in sacrificing sleep.

In my current role the people I’m dealing with are mostly in central time, an hour behind me, this gives me a couple hours to get my head straight in the morning, do a little reading and do a bit of writing.

The surprising thing is that it really doesn’t take much time to get a lot done if you’re consistent. Even if you’re only hitting 10-20 minutes a day. If you do it when you are focused and fresh in the morning, you’ll accumulate a lot of progress.

It’s not a secret. The Miracle Morning is just one manifestation of an age-old practice. Marcus Araelias and Stoics wrote about the importance of the morning. Most people who we would call ‘successful’ have a morning routine of some sort.

One of my favorite questions is “Why do they care?”. You can ask yourself this question when you’re creating presentations, preparing for meetings, or even writing a story.

The ‘why you care’ for morning routines is; if you want to createsomething, but ‘just don’t have the time’ - this is how you do it. Just dedicate a time block every morning. Don’t worry about the content, that will take care of itself when you commit to the consistency.

That’s why you care.

I bet Mike has a morning routine.

Yes a special call out to our survivor friend Mike Darling, who you can say ‘Hi’ to on the Facebook group. Mike is heavily involved in the Wasteland weekend. We talked on his podcast for that audience last year.

He’s got a new project where they are producing narratives around the different tribes that roam the wasteland. I’ll drop the clip and the links in here.

…<audio inserted here…>

So go check Mike’s new stories out if you’re looking for audio on your podcast listening devices.

Our own After the Apocalypse Story is doing well. I’ve been too busy to do any marketing but we’re still growing organically. We’re approaching 13,000 downloads a month. We’ve got 108 people in our Facebook group last time I checked.

Not bad for a mornings and weekends project!

I appreciate all the support and hope you’re enjoying yourself.

What am I reading this week? Well, I usually have 2-3 books going at a time. For general interest I’m finishing up The Untethered Soul, which is a great book to read as part of your morning routine. I’m also reading a business book called ‘Undistractable’.

And, finally, and this is an interesting story, I had this small book about medieval Christian Mysticism called ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ show up at my house. I didn’t order it. No one else will admit to ordering it for me. Every once in awhile I’ll dip into that.

But, on the Science Fiction front…

I bought the first 3 books of the Expanse series. Why? Because I finished watching the Expanse season 6 this week. I really liked this series so I’m going to see if I like the books. It’s the type of hard, space SciFi that is squarely in my ‘Like it’ zone.

We have been talking about favorite books and series and movies over on our Facebook Group.

I’ll attach all the links to our Facebook Group, the podcast page on ACast, the Amazon Vella version of Season 1, the Patreon page and the Tee-public Merchandise page – here in these show notes.

Do us a favor and like the podcast, leave a review, forward it to a friend so we can all Keep Surviving.

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