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S2 E2 - Pursuit

Outro Episode 2 Season 2

Hello my survivor friends, this is Chris, your host, how are things going this week in the apocalypse?

I’ll keep my commentary short this week because this was a long episode. We had a lot of action and narrative in episode 2 of the new season.

I was out on vacation the week of Labor Day here in the states and I have been trying to catch up all week!

I’m behind on my chores! I have to do mundane things like doing the laundry. Here’s a question for you: Do people do the laundry in the apocalypse? Or do they just wear dirty clothes until they fall apart then swap them out for new stuff they can loot? Or are they washing their clothes in the river? Probably a little of both, right?

I was hoping to get this one out to you Friday night, but I asked Robert to re-record some bits, because he was falling into his anchorman, commercial voice too much. His real job is reading commercial copy and that bleeds over into these reads.

The tone we are going for here is much flatter, much darker, and a bit slower. When he hits it it’s amazing.

Thank you all for sticking with the show into season 2, we are going to have some fun. We continue to gain traction thanks to you all.

I’ll share some podcast milestones with you.

First the show is now around 23,000 downloads and climbing at a 1-200 downloads per day. I would expect that to accelerate as we get into season two.

Thanks for helping to make the show successful. Next stop; one million downloads!

Which brings us to our next bit of good news, which is I have finally gotten enough ad impressions to get paid by Acast. Only took 9 months to get there, and it doesn’t even cover the cost of a month’s production, but it’s a milestone nonetheless!

Our little survivor group that has huddled together on Facebook is up over 40 people now. Come join us. You can find that at “OldManApocalypse” if you are so inclined.

The main thing you can do for us to help is to share the show in social media with your friends. Something like this is a word-of-mouth fueled phenomena. You can help us find our tribe, or, more appropriately help our tribe find us!

Every podcast listening app has a share button, just poke that button and share it.

Of course you can also leave a comment or a review on your podcasting app of choice.

And direct financial support through Patreon is appreciated as well.

This season we are raising the stakes on our little group of apocalypse survivors – the old man, Janet and Bill - and expanding the universe a bit.

Introducing new characters, like Mags and Brad and a few red shirts as well. And new centers of gravity like the King and his army. I’m not giving any spoilers.You’ll have to hang on and find out.

A couple personal updates before I let you go.

Some of you who know me from my other podcast know that I am a runner, more specifically a marathon runner. My minor claim to fame, among other things, is having run the Boston Marathon 20 times. I’m currently injured, because I’m an idiot, but will be run-walking the virtual version of that race this year in a few weeks.

I’ve decided to collect money for Prostate cancer because I keep losing friends to this stupid disease. So my ask is 2 things. For all my listeners who have a prostate go get the blood test, if you catch it early it will save your life. And for those listeners who don’t have a prostate, but are, perhaps married to a person with a prostate, please make their lives miserable until they go get a blood test.

I’ll put a link here and you can find it on facebook or shoot me a note and I’ll send you the link.

1 in 8 men get prostrate cancer. Appreciate the help saving someone’s life.

As I said, I’m reading my way through Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. I’m a couple hundred pages in. I’m reading the original long version.

The story is that when Heinlein went to publish the book the editors made him cut it down from 220K words to 150K words. I never read the other, short version, so I can’t compare, but I have come across some long diatribes and polemics that were a bit tiresome and if I were the editor I would have chopped those out.

It’s a different book. It is science fiction, but also talks about religion, culture and politics. In much the same way that you see Star Trek talk about religion and politics through different alien cultures and ideas.

This book was a best seller when it came out in 1961. It caught the wave of anti-establishment sentiment at that time and was synchronous with many of those same hippy sentiments.

But, for all the free love and anti-establishment themes here, Heinlein was not a hippy, he was a conservative guy, more like our current libertarians, he thought everyone should be able to take care of themselves.

It’s anachronistic. It’s chauvinistic. It’s cringeworthy in places.


It’s an enjoyable read.

Like I said, I’ll keep my comment short this week. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any great ideas.

And, above all else, keep surviving.

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