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S2 E5 - Forage

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Outro S2 E5

10/29/ 2021

Hello my survivor friends.

This is Chris your cruise director in the apocalypse. Don’t miss the shuffleboard tournament on the afterdeck followed by a margarita making lesson at the Halloween bar on the Lido deck.

What? You don’t think there will be cruise ships in the apocalypse?

I had to Google it but there was a Walking Dead themed cruise in 2017 and there are plenty of Halloween themed cruises this month. If you’re into that sort of thing. I never was much of a cruise aficionado.

How are we doing this fine week? For those of you who are keeping up it is the weekend of Halloween 2021 when you will get this episode drop. For those of you still catching up, it was Halloween 2021 and this was episode 5 of season 2 of After the apocalypse.

For the future society that worships us as the word of God and this is your holy text, well, hello, and I’m terribly sorry.

We are coming up on one year into our journey with the podcast version of After the Apocalypse. It’s still fun for me. I’m still planning to do 5 seasons. I’m still committed to drop an episode every two weeks, typically on a Friday or Saturday, Sunday at the latest depending on life and how the production goes.

I still have a full-time job that sucks up a lot of my time but we do what we can to survive in the apocalypse, right?

We’re about to crack 33,000 downloads and are growing at about 2,000 downloads per week. That’s pretty good, but we can always use your help, survivors. I’m looking into testing some advertising but for now we are bootstrapped and need your word of mouth to spread the, well, word.

So do us a favor and forward the show link to your friends. I appreciate the help. Should be a share button on whatever app you’re using to listen.

Bootstrap, as a verb started being used in the 1800’s to refer to someone helping themselves. The boot strap is that tab, or loop, that sticks out of the top of back of boots or shoes so that you can pull them on.

You can see how this saying caught on. It’s a whimsical image of someone pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, i.e. it’s physically impossible but,defying logic, they do it anyhow.

Then this phrase bled over into the computer software world where bootstrapping referred to building off the operating system, and ‘Booting’ came to mean loading the operating system.

So – grab ahold and help me bootstrap the podcast by telling your friends.

Over on the Facebook GroupI’ve been sharing cover designs for the season onebook version. I appreciate the help because I’m terrible at making decisions.

I wanted to thank Joe for helping with some of the army base building stuff in this episode.

And I want to Jeff for spending some time with me and giving me some tips on publishing. He gave me an idea for releasing the season one manuscript as an Amazon Vella serial. I have not done that before so it might be a good learning opportunity and allow me to get some more traction while I build up the series.

You may have heard an easter egg in this episode where I named a town in Tennessee ‘Jubal’. This is a nod to the character in the Heinlein book I’m reading. I still haven’t finished it. I’m close. Frankly, I’ve lost interest. It’s more social commentary than science fiction and I would walk away if I hadn’t committed to it.

But I’ll share some thoughts when I’m actually done.

I’ll keep the comments brief this week. Let me know if you need anything. I’m always looking for comments and suggestions.

You can reach me through the FaceBook group or directly at cyktrussell at gmail dot com. And we can always use your support to keep the show going at our patreon page.

Keep your heads down, keep your powder dry, and Keep Surviving.

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