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Season 3 Episode 3 - We don't need no stinkin' patches!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Outro S3 E3

My survivor friends...

I’m going to keep it short today because I got a bit carried away with the giant ant story last episode. I’m going to dedicate today’s show to a simple ask.

The ask of survival.

These are dark, dark times. Our enemies are at the gates. Zombies are pounding on the outer door.

The sickly thump, thump, thump of undead fists covered in rotting flesh!

The moans and cries of tortured souls!

We need your help to stave off the ravenous hordes.

Help the After the Apocalypse bunker stay, at least fiscally, inviolate by taking advantage of the subscription options on Acast.

Not only will you help to shore up the walls that keep the moldering undead from breaching the bunker, but you can get the shows a week early and ad free.

We count on you for our survival. With the end of the world at hand, with ghouls crowding around our cowering defenders, we have to stick together to survive!

You can also use our Patreon page to become a supporter of the show.

And, since all good warlords use both the carrot and the stick, here’s what we’re going to do! Anyone who subscribes or makes a Patreon commitment will receive an After the Apocalypse old man logo patch!

That’s right!

Fellow survivor Walter, in a fit of misplaced altruism sent me a box full of patches! There are 4 different versions of the old man.

Sign up and I’ll figure out how to send you one.

Join our Facebook group and you’ll see a picture of them.

The patches are super cool. Perfect for your next DragonCon or the wedding of that nephew you never really liked.

What else is going on?

I’m busy writing Season 3.

I had a great storyboarding call with my volunteer editors the week. I am extremely grateful for Dave, Titanium Tim and Duane for helping out with this.

Honestly, one of the things I’ve never been good at is asking for help – and these guys help me more than they know. Not just when I’m trying to construct an episode. They also come up with some awesome plot points when we have our calls to talk through the story boards.

I’m blessed to have friends like this.

This season is going to be an awesome story! I know you’ll enjoy it!

Please help me with a subscription on Acast, or Patreon, and I’ll send you a patch.

In the future, when you’re watching the Emmy award winning version of After the Apocalypse on your holo-TV, you’ll be able to turn to your clone and say, “You see that? I helped make that a reality!”

Thank you for your support and keep surviving!

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