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Richard Anderson Interview – Evolution to Islands in the Void

Richard Anderson Interview – Evolution to Islands in the Void

Hello my survivor friends.  Hope you are doing well and your summer is progressing nicely.

Today I interview Richard Anderson who is a scientist and writer With a career in the biological sciences. 

Again – these interviews I do are special episodes while you are waiting for the main narrative of After the Apocalypse to restart at the end of the summer.

One of the interesting things Richard brings to the literature is his understanding of human biology.  He highlights one of the longstanding errors in our spacefaring dreams.  The fact that we aren’t really designed to survive in space – or on other planets. 

The trip to Mars would probably kill us. 

Other than that we talk about his publishing experience and what he’s learned from the process.

As a reminder I try to talk to people I find interesting and I try to be curious about the person and the topic.  I think this is how good interviews are made. 

But – interviews don’t mean less work.  It’s just a different kind of work.  This one had a lot of cleaning up needed. 

If you take the time to go through the recorded interview and edit for clarity – not deleting wholesale – but cleaning up the un-words and the stumbles – it takes longer to do that than the interview itself.  Sometimes twice as long.  And this one was one of those!

So enjoy the conversation and I’ll be back at the end with an update.


Hi Chris,

Please see attached Press Kit. Youi can also check my blog on my web site,, or Facebook, Richard Anderson_Author.

The books; "The Evolution of Life: Big Bang to Space Colonies", and "Outbound: Islands in the Void" are available on Amazon/Kindle.

Thanks again for the interview.

--Richard Anderson


Richard Anderson is an alumnus of San Jose State University, with a masters degree in microbiology.

His studies also emphasized molecular biology and biochemistry. Several years after earning his MA, Richard obtained a Clinical Laboratory Bioanalyst license.

In subsequent years he worked in various administrative and technical management roles in laboratory settings, beginning his first assignment as a clinical laboratory director in 1993. In 2006 he began working in a reference laboratory for Quest Diagnostics; he continued working in various Quest laboratories as a laboratory administrative director and technical director.

Shortly before the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Richard began to further explore research areas that had caught his attention during his studies and employment years. As a result of his research, new information came to light that sparked his enthusiasm. And as the pandemic engulfed the world, research and writing this book filled the voids left by relative isolation.

Richard lives with his wife live in the south San Francisco Bay area of California, close to their children and grandchildren.

Bibliography and contacts


Big Bang To Space Colonies by Richard M. Anderson

Publication Date: April, 2022

Published by: Precocity PressCopyright © 2022 by Richard M Anderson. All Rights Reserved.

Trade Paperback price $22.95 | 979-8-9851494-6-3

Hardcover/Full color interior price $54.95 | 979-8-9851494-7-0

First edition, Printed in the USA

Kindle eBook price $9.99 | 979-8-9851494-8-7

Media Inquiries | Interview Requests Contact:

Darcy Hughes, Dream Book Marketing | 310-977-9679


Hope you enjoyed that chat.  I’ve got a bunch more of these that I have recorded.  I’ve got two fun ones where I am being interviewed and another where I am doing the interviewing. 

In preparation for this interview I listened to Richard being interviewed on other podcasts.  He has a lot to say about evolution and the science involved in space travel. 

My Summer projects are coming along nicely. 

I have been beavering away on the season one manuscript edit and I’m still committed to finishing it by the end of June.  There were some speed bumps where I had to do some structural changes that took a bit more effort and time. 

One of the challenges of writing the story as I am, as episodes, is that sometimes it doesn’t make sense when I string it all together in the manuscript. 

I needed to sit down and build a timeline so I could put each chapter in the right place. 

I had my virtual assistant go through and write down every character in every chapter so I could have that character consistency. 

I should have it edited by the end of this month, then I need to read it through one last time and move on to the publishing process.

In July, which is next week, I turn back to constructing the season 5 narrative.  I still plan to end this series at 5 seasons.  It’s an open question as to what I do after that.  Start a new series?  Do a series in the same universe or something else. 

We will find out together.

As always I appreciate your support.  You can provide direct support through Patreon or Buy me a Coffee or subscribing in Acast.  You can provide indirect support by sharing the podcast with your network and writing a review. 

Everything is posted in the show notes and on my website at

Now that it’s summer we can open up the bunker windows to get some fresh air in here. 

Take a deep breath – and keep surviving.



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