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S2 E14 - Kindle Vella

Outro S2 E14

Hello my survivor friends, How’s it going this week?

Here we are at Episode 14 of season 2, released on Friday the 4th, March, 2022.

I’m also releasing Concurrently season one to the Amazon Vella Serial feed. The two channels are converging. I’ve been pushing the Vella episodes of Season One out weekly so that process made up ground on season two’s bi-weekly cadence.

When we finished Season One last spring, I had a starving artist go through the manuscript and clean it up for publishing. She removed all the editorial notes I put in for Robert and tightened up some of the prose.

One of the things I asked her to do was to look at the paragraph structure.

Because when I write for audio, I write the cadence spoken voice into the manuscript by breaking up the paragraphs. I create the cadence with paragraph breaks. That leaves you with a lot of short, one or two sentence paragraphs.

Which I wasn’t sure made for the best reading experience.

Because, we are all getting different experiences. You listening to the audio get one experience. The way Robert reads the script is one of many different ways it could be read. I try top structure the prose so that the end product sounds like it does in my head, but sometimes he does something different and most of the time I’m ok with it.

You get the experience when you listen but it’s still being filtered through your experiences. .

It’s specific to you and how you interpret. I’m always amazed at the pictures people have in their heads and how different those are from the picture that was in my head.

So, getting back to the Vella version - reading in story form is also a different experience.

As I was reading those Vella episodes I think that the short paragraphs are actually good. It makes the story seem less dense somehow. It works. And I still hear the same ‘music’ in the words that I heard when I put them together.

What’s my point and why do you care?

It’s more of an observation. I’d be interested to hear from someone who has read the Vella first and then listened to the audio, and vice versa, to see what their experience was.

By the time the story gets to you I’ve spent many hours writing and editing so I kind of lose track of the experience of consuming it.

Links to everything are in the show notes.

Patreon to support the show ->

Anyhow, hope everyone’s hanging in there.

“May you live in interesting times” is a phrase that is commonly attributed to a Chinese curse when used ironically.

That is most likely apocryphal, i.e. made up by the British fairly recently.

We probably don’t get to choose the nature of our times, interesting or not.

Our job is to take it day by day and keep surviving.

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