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S2 E15 - Command Voices

Outro S2E15

Hello my survivor friends!

I liked this episode. I tried to take a little extra time and make sure we got the characters and the scenes right. I thought it came out well and I liked Robert’s read.

By the way, if you have any audio projects you can reach Robert at He doesn’t just do the gravely old man voice – that is an affectation just for me. He does full on commercials and voice overs.

What am I watching? I started re-watching season one of the Expanse. Why? Because I read the first book, like a told you, and wanted to see how they match up.

My answer is…Really well. After seeing the characters in the books I think they did a really good job casting and didn’t color outside the lines too much. I’m into the second book now and, same thing, I really like the casting choice for Bobbie, the Martian Marine.

I’ve met a bunch of new fans on Twitter this week. I had given up in Twitter a few years ago because it turned into such a cesspool, but I was surprised to find someone tweeting all their friends about how great After the Apocalypse is and started talking to them.

I ended up creating a list, which is a thing on twitter, like a group, where for those people you add to the list, you see all their tweets. So if you’re a twitter person you can find me at cyktrussell or hashtag #AfterTheApocalypse and I’ll add you to the list. These are some fun people and it makes me feel better about humanity.

There is a Metal band in Cleveland Ohio named After the Apocalypse that you’re going to run into, which I think is great, so I added them to the list as well. If you’re into that sort of music you can find them at reverbnation/aftertheapocalypse. I don’t know who these people are but I’ll share the link because why not build some karma?

I kicked off a contest on the facebook page. I want to have one of you be a guest reader for one of my stories – not this story but something standalone I’ll write – All you have to do to play along is send me an audio recording to cyktrussell At Gmail – and I’ll have my panel of judges listen to them all and select a winner. Then that person can perform a story and we’ll drop it on the feed.

The other thing I need help with is some proofreaders. This is deeper than typo hunting. If I’m going to turn these seasons into proper books I need to flesh them out a bit. And I’ll be looking for help from you to do it. So reach out to me in any of these haunts if your interested in joining the editorial board.

Other than that Everything is on track and wonderful.

Hope you all are well, links in the show notes and don’t forget to keep surviving!

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