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S2 E17 - Heinlein


Greetings my survivor friends. How are we all doing in this weird and wonderful apocalypse?

I was reading some of the iTunes and Audible reviews – thanks for those by the way – and there was one grumbling about having to listen through these outros.

Here is your simple solution my friends. As soon as you hear Robert’s narration stop and the outro music play, you can hit that “skip to the end” button and you’re not going to miss anything except a commercial from Acast and my ramblings.

Feel free.

I won’t be offended.

For you time travelers today is April 15th. This weekend in Easter, Passover and Monday is the Boston Marathon.

I have run 21 of those Boston Marathons since 1998, but this year old-age and injury have conspired to put me on the sidelines.

I’ve gotten back to traveling with my actual job. I’ve made several trips to Dallas. I was in St. Louis a couple weeks ago and Grand Rapids this week. It is great to get out and see people in the flesh. You forget how much you miss it.

And you might think that traveling would interfere with my writing, but just the opposite. I get a ton of work done on airplanes where I’m free from distractions.

It gives me some reading time as well. I think I told you last time that I finished Heinlein’s Friday. Just like Stranger in a Strange Land, Friday doesn’t age well. It’s more of that sophomoric sexual freedom trope that he put so much of into these later stories. At the time it may have been liberating or at least libertine, but in 2022 it’s just distracting.

I also read a biography of Chester A. Arthur, and that book, like Arthur’s presidency, was unremarkable. (Editor’s note: This is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to hyperlink to the site I hope the secret service doesn’t show up)

More appropriately I read the second book in Nick Sansbury Smith’s Hell Diver series. Nick is an Indy author who pumps out apocalypse stories on Kindle and Audible that are engaging. I mean, it’s not Tolstoy or even Steinbeck, but it will keep you entertained. The writing is solid, the characters are good, and the action keeps you moving.

I’m going to get Nick on for an interview at the end of this season to fill up the dead space. But, I would recommend his series, either the old Orb series or Hell Divers. I haven’t listened but I’m sure they are good on Audible

Another thing I’ve found for you folks who can’t get enough content is the Dust Podcast. I sometimes watch the Dust channel on YouTube where they have great short SciFi bits. They also have an audio podcast which is very good.

The season I just listened through was built around a common premise of a flight from Japan to SFO that goes through a time bubble and lands 20 years in the future. Each story starts with that premise. Sort of like “The Illustrated Man”. Quite good.

And we have a winner in our read a story into Audio contest. Our panel of judges unanimously picked the entry from our apocalyptic friend Makeshift, AKA Mike Darling. Which makes sense because he’s a professional. He’s probably violating his union contract by doing this!

Here’s the clip.

Good huh?

No guarantees, but what I’m going to try to do is to create a 4–6-episode arc around this universe and stick it into the hole between seasons.

To this end, I need to write it.

I experimented with creating a survey online to get your input as to just what this bloody guy is doing in the motel bathroom. I posted the survey to the 6 people on my mailing list and into the Facebook Group.

2 people opened it.

No one filled it out.

Which is cool.

I’m not at all hurt.

I just figured it would be fun to hear what you thought.

I’ll put the link to the survey, and the mailing list in the show notes. If you can give me some input some other way that would be great as well.

By the way every author, book, podcast etc. that I mentioned here is hyperlinked in these posts if you want to learn more. The hyperlinks may or may not flow through to the podcast listener you’re using but I post them on my page at Acast and to the Facebook group.

You can reach me directly at cyktrussell at Gmail.

Have a greats weekend everyone and until next time… Keep Surviving.

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