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S3 E19 - Clash!

Outro - Season 3 Episode 19

Hello my survivor friends.

Here we are closing in on the end of season 3.

I am recording this from a hotel room in Las Vegas. You can here the deleterious effects of Sin City on my voice today.

But I was able to finish writing this episode and will, more than likely, get it out on time. Or at least close to on time.

I won’t hold you over to long today, as time is short and I need to scurry off to the airport to flee this God-forsaken place.

Have you ever noticed how many post-apocalyptic stories are based in Las Vegas?

It makes sense.

IRL – (in real life) this city is good approximation of a post-apocalyptic environment already. It’s basically 80% there, so it fits well into most narratives about the apocalyptic breakdown of society.

Ok my friends I’ll give you a quick reference point as to where we are and then I’ll talk about one movie I watched and one book I finished and then we’ll scurry off to the airport like cockroaches on cocaine.

Today’s episode is Season 3 Episode 19. This means we have one more episode for this season and then we will go on our summer break.

To fill in the dead air, I’m have collected stories from our community that I will orchestrate into shows for you. I’ll be sure to label everything appropriately so you know what is what.

I still plan to do 5 seasons of this show. That means you will have a season 4 coming at you sometime in 2023.

(By the way, if you’re time traveling, today is Cinco de Mayo 2023.)

Ok I have consumed or re-consumed a couple pieces of content in the last couple weeks. The first being a book called “Bikini Planet” by David Garnett. Mr. Garnett is a UK Author that writes in the genre of ‘comedic science fiction’.

This particular book is about a rookie cop in Las Vegas, (believe it or not), that gets tossed into a suspended animation chamber by the mob and waked up 300 years later to a very-much-different future.

I bought the book because I ran across the cover art on-line and was charmed by the absurdity.

The book feels very Douglas Adams and has that same comedic absurdity. It’s got the similar fish-out-of-water blundering about that you remember from the Hitchhiker universe.

It’s not meant to change your world view, cure cancer or bring about world peace, it’s meant to entertain you. So – if that’s your cup-o-tea (arf) have at it.

The second piece of content is a movie called “Local Hero” from 1983.

I don’t know why, but I really like this movie.

It’s about an American businessman from Houston who goes to this small Scottish coastal community to buy it for an oil company.

It has the famous Burt Lancaster in one of his last roles.

The leads character is Peter Riegert who you may remember from Animal House in 1978. He is supported by a young Peter Capaldi – yes that Peter Capaldi from Doctor Who – but he plays more of a Mr. Bean character in Local Hero.

So the question is, ‘why do I like this movie?’ It’s a quiet movie where nothing much happens. They basically sit around this Scottish village and drink.

But it is a refreshingly peaceful movie to sit and have a glass of scotch with. It’s funny with a touch of sadness and a long look at the absurdity of life – especially the absurdity of life for a traveling American businessman, which I may have some experience with.

That’s it for me this week. As always everything I talk about here will be linked in the show notes and posted in a link-rich post on my website when the show drops.

Come join us on the Facebook group.

Buy me a coffee if you can.

Let us hand in hand go forth into the great unknown together as fellow travelers.

And, as that door slams shut behind you, pull your hat down tightly, hitch up your leather pants, take a bold step forward, and keep surviving.

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