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S4 E18 - Jabberwocky

Outro S4 E18

Hello and welcome back my survivor friends!  Here we are!  Season 4 is nearing the end.  Season four is crawling, broken and dirty into its grave.  No, bad simile?  How about ‘Season 4 is prancing like a hopped up hellhound into the setting sun’?

Don’t get me started.  Some of my closest friends are metaphors. 

You may have noticed from my voice that I have either recovered from the virus or expelled the eviel daemons from my sinuses. 

Depending on your world view. 

Hey – with season 4 coming to its fitful and petulant demise at the end of April I need you, yes you, to mail me some stories to read into audio over the break.  I’ve had zero responses and that is quite disappointing because I know you all are creatives. 

Get those stories in! 

Otherwise, I will be forced to recite Vogon poetry.

I kinda feel like I’m running out of apocalyptic movies to watch.  I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel this week.  I watched on called The Directive from 2019, which was fascinatingly awful.  It was like some kids stole a camera and made a movie. 

But the one interesting part of the storyline was that the directive in the title refers to a mission to reduce the human population by 99%.  Some group decided that was the best thing for the planet. 

I read a scientific article about the Antarctic ice cores they’ve taken that give scientist a view into climate changes over the last 800,000 years.  And one of the things they see is the impact of when the Europeans showed up in the Americas.  The ice cores show a large drop in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  They think this is from 35 million fewer people and forests regrowth.

The Earth Abides.

I also started watching some Doctor Who.  I was never a Doctor Who geek.  I didn’t get it.  Amateurish set design and silly Brits.  But, I’m giving it a chance.  I started with the 4th Doctor,

Tom Baker, and he’s goofy enough to keep me interested.  

Well my friends, let’s not forget those stories for us to edit up and read into audio.  Think of it.  You’ll be famous!  Fast cars, expensive trips, adoring fans…high tea with the Duchess…and it all started with a simple story submission to After the Apocalypse. 

Reach out to me directly at cyktrussell at Gmail dot com.  Or hit me up on the Facebook group – search for Oldmanapocalypse or after the apocalypse – we’ve got 485 members now.  But honestly, a lot of those people aren’t willing participants.  (We stole them off the streets and threatened them with Vogon poetry.)

You can also use the contact form on my website at  However, I get so many bots filling those out I might miss that.

And thank you to whomever the anonymous person was who bought me a coffee over at Buy me a Coffee.  I appreciate the support. 

And that my friends is just over 500 words of valuable insight to make your day better.  And some of those words were the good words, they were the Glengarry words…and coffee is for closers.

Keep the bunker doors latched and make sure the wolf-dog is fed so that together we can keep surviving.

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