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Story Contest - Spring 2023

Story Contest


I’m accepting fiction pieces of any genre of 5,000 words or less to be professionally read on the podcast as bonus episodes at the season 3 break.


1. Submit your story in MSWord, (or I suppose Google doc) to me via email by the end of April 2023 (cyktrussell AT Gmail DOT com)

2. Can be any fiction genre but we prefer SciFi and apocalypse. (extra credit for ATA fan fiction)

3. Our editors will go through and make suggestions, you can accept our advice or not.

4. We retain the right of refusal solely based on our admittedly imperfect judgment.

5. We will hire or find a professional to read the story into audio at our expense.

6. We will post the audio as an episode on the ATA feed.

7. We will give you a preview copy to approve (you approve the episode before post).

8. We will not pay you. You retain all rights to your work.

9. You get the publishing credit and reference. We will post your links and read your bio.

10. We will pull the episode down at your request.

Let’s have some fun and see if we can entertain our 22,000 per-episode listeners.

Chris (Mad Dog) Russell - executive publisher of the Runic Press.

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