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Year 12 - Jeff Brackett

Outro and updates 7-5-2023

Hello, my survivor friends – How are you doing? For those of you time-traveling in from the future it is July of 2023.

Today we present to you another story from one of our fellow survivors Jeff who was kind enough to lend us some audio from one of his stories called “Year 12”

"Year 12" is a post-apocalyptic novel, a sequel to the Jeff’s first novel, "Half Past Midnight". You may remember Jeff and I had a conversation about half past midnight last year, right around this time, as a matter of fact, during our Season 2 break.

This is the story of Zachary Dawcett, who was eight years old on D-day, barely old enough to remember what life was like in the Old Days. The novel takes place twelve years after the "limited" nuclear exchange of D-day, so he's a young man now. He's grown up in this new world—learned to hunt and fight and survive in the ruins of old East Texas. He, along with everyone else who survived the Doomsday War, have adapted to a new way of life. They have learned to accept that computers, electric lighting, automobiles, or any of the other conveniences they once took for granted are all things of the past.

Then, one night, Zachary spots a satellite in the sky - the first indication in twelve years that anyone is rebuilding. As events unfold, he is forced to question everything he thought he knew, and the decisions he makes will help determine the shape of a reemerging world.

What you're about to hear are chapters 16 and 17 of the 63-chapter novel.

Jeff Brackett is the author of the "Half Past Midnight" series, the "Amber Payne" series, "Chucklers, Volume 1...", "Pangaea: Exiles", and a variety of other stories and novellas published in magazines and anthologies. After having lived almost his entire life in and around Houston, 2014 presented several life changes that brought him, his wife, and their dogs to Claremore, Oklahoma. There they found a nice little house with a much larger yard, and are all adjusting to the new lifestyle quite well. Jeff has even begun learning to garden.

His writing has won Honorable Mention in the action / adventure category of the "Golden Triangle Unpublished Writer's Contest", first place in the novel category of the "Bay Area Writers League Manuscript Competition” and was a finalist in the science fiction / fantasy / horror category of the "Houston Writer's Conference" manuscript contest.

His proudest achievement, though, is in having fooled his wife into marrying him more than thirty years ago and in helping her to raise three wonderful children. He is now a grandfather five times over.

And his gardening? Well, let's just say he still has a bit to learn in that area.

… Audio here.

… Interview snippet here.

Thank you, Jeff, for the contribution. The links to all Jeff’s stuff will be in the show notes and on the blog post for this episode.

Go grab Year 12 on kindle or audio and support Jeff. The world is a better place with independent authors in it.

Everyone keep enjoying your summer and keep surviving.

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