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About Us

A Pandemic Survival Story

After the Apocalypse is a serial podcast that tells the story of the survivors of a 21st century plague that has catastrophically wiped out 90% of human population.  Will they be able to survive?  What happens to our modern world when the great plague comes?  Can humankind survive and learn, or will it devolve into a dark ages nightmare of our worst traits?  Listen to the story of After the Apocalypse and find out. 


Meet the Author

Chris Russell is an entrepreneur, endurance athlete and creative who is the force behind the successful apocalyptic audio serial “After the Apocalypse”.  Chris, (who’s nom de guerre is “Mad Dog”) Has been creating podcast magic since podcasting became a thing. 

Started in the Covid pandemic, After the Apocalypse has grown organically to hundreds of thousands of downloads and is currently starting the 4th of 5 full seasons. 

Chris is a serial creator and author who somehow squeezes time around running marathons and being a corporate executive to do what he really loves – create compelling fiction. 

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