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S2 E7 - Industrial

Outro S2 E7 – Industrial

Hello survivors. Happy Thanksgiving!

Let me say, first of all, that I have been dying to use the phrase “Arms akimbo” in a story my whole life.

Akimbo is an interesting English word that means "with the hands on the hips and the elbows bent outward at sharp angles".

They think the word akimbo has some relation to the word ‘bow’ like ‘bow and arrow’ – because the arms are bent like a bow. The first recorded usage was by Chaucerin the Canterbury Tales in the 1400’s.

I’m going to stop right there before I start waxing poetically about Richard III and Henry IV and Iambic Pentameter.

All in good time.

Back to the story…

The question our heroes are struggling with is basically, “what now?” If you survived the apocalypse, what happens next?

What is the purpose?

Apocalypse or not, we humans need purpose. We need something bigger than ourselves to pull us through this miserable life and make us act bigger than we are.

What is that purpose for survivors? Once they have figured out how to live another day, once things start to settle down, what’s the next big thing?

What do you do when the struggle to survive is no longer critical?

Can you pivot to innovating and building something new?

Or are you going to be like the person who wins the lottery and is dead in a year because they had their reasons to survive, to fight, stripped away?

Humans without purpose are dangerous.

That’s why we make up stories, we create narratives out of whole cloth to invent a purpose.

We are a strange neurotic race of sentience, no?

By the way ‘out of whole cloth’ means ‘totally fabricated’ and has its origin in the early 1800 when industrial looms started making cloth.

Just like our old mills by the river in this episode! (See what I did there?)

Our Little show’s reach has really accelerated in the last couple months.

Our scorecard for this week is:

62 survivors in our Facebook group from all over the world.

More than 42,000 downloads since our inception this time last year.

Getting close to 10,500 downloads a month and growing at about 30%.

It’s starts to get interesting if you can maintain that growth. It means we could have 100,000 downloads a month by July, which would really be something!

Why do you care? You don’t really, but it’s fun to think about.

Anyhow, you can help us keep the momentum going by subscribing, rating, leaving reviews and telling your social media connections.

You can directly support the show on Patreon.

If any of you want to chime in, if you have ideas or interesting things to discuss you can interact on the Facebook group. I’m no fan of Facebook, but it’s the easiest thing to use.

And, as you folks in America stuff yourselves into a turkey coma, remember, you’re not fat, you’re just getting ready, you’re strategically investing extra calories in preparation for the apocalypse.

Happy T-day, hug your family…And – above all else – Keep Surviving!

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