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S3 E6 - Morning Routines

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Outro S3 E6 Trap

Hello my survivor friends.

Welcome to the apocalypse. How are we surviving? For those time travelers among us it is 2 days after Halloween, November 2nd, 2022 as I write this. This episode will drop for members on Friday the 4th at midnight US Eastern time and for non-members the same time on the 11th.

Currently, right now, I’m producing this show and writing the next one.

I try to write in the morning. I find I have more creativity and there is a greater chance of getting into the ‘zone’ in the mornings.

I do have a morning routine. I would recommend a morning routine.

I have the great fortune of working for a company that’s based in Mountain Time, so most mornings I don’t have any business meetings until after 9:00. I’m working from a home office mostly, so my commute is a 15-minute shower and shave, throw on some presentable clothes and sit, or stand, in front of my computers all day.

I do have colleagues in Europe and Japan so there are some odd early morning and evening calls in my week.

Long story short I get 2-3 quality hours in the morning if I can create the discipline to use them. I won’t bore you with the sausage-making too much, but I kick off with some meditation and other self-attention activities to prime myself, and I get some reading and writing done.

If you’re interested in the mechanics of that shoot me a note and I’ll over-share.

I still have some habits that I need to modify. One of which is reading the news while eating my breakfast.

I tell yah, the news sure feels apocalyptic! But, I guess, every generation would say that.

I’m trying to convince myself to remove news from my information diet. It’s hard because it’s a habit.

Why do you care? Well, the more I can find a productive time slot and match it with a productive state of mind – the better able I am to produce content worthy of your attention. If I win the morning, I win the day, and you get a better show.


I know you are all wondering what I am reading now since finishing Watership Down. And, by the way, I received multiple feedbacks on that essay from people who also loved that book.

Currently I am working my way through the apocalyptic novel Alas Babylon that was a suggestion from Ryan on our Facebook Group. I’ll refrain from comments until I finish, but it’s a nuclear war scenario from 1959.

I’m also reading a book on kindle that was written by a lady I went to prep school with. It’s called Two Truths and a Lie. It’s way outside my genre preference, but it is literally set in my school when I was going there, so it’s strange for me, because I recognize all the “fictional” settings and characters.

I’m going to let you off easy this week, but I do have an announcement.

I have started working on a website. Version 1.0 is live at It is my first pass so it isn’t completely built out. Please go take a look. There’s a contact page there if you want to send me some feedback. I linked pages to the podcast on Acast and to the merch store if you want to buy someone an After the Apocalypse T-shirt for the holidays.

I’ll keep working on it, adding content, etc. – but, seriously now is the chance to give input on what you want to see there. The site-builder I’m using seems to be very flexible in terms of features we can add.

Hope you all are well, fit and happy,

Pet the kids and hug the dog,

And whatever else, put one foot in front of the other, keep moving forward and keep surviving.

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