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S4 E6 - Nope!

Outro S4 E6

Hello my survivor friends.

We are at Season 4 episode 6.

For those future travelers of the abyss who are busily bingeing through the seasons and episodes, you have found us at the end of October 2023… Happy Halloween.

The weather is getting crisp in the mornings here in New England at the apocalypse HQ. Looking out my window this morning I can see the red and orange Maple leaves falling to the ground. When I let Ollie the Collie out for his morning run-about and ablutions I could hear the leaves falling. It’s a sound almost like a rain shower, except with a dry whisper.

This week I have three topics to cover with you.

The first is an experiment in referral. I had a call with Nicholas Sansbury Smith last to pick his brain about the best path for me to publish the book versions of the After the Apocalypse.

I suspect many of you already know Nick’s work. He is one of the few successful independent

writers in the apocalyptic genre. I’ve been reading his work for many years, and our paths intersected a couple years ago when I interviewed him about his Ironman Triathlon experience.

Nick used to have a real job and started writing a alien invasion series called “Orbs” that kinda-sorta went viral in the early days of Kindle publishing. Based on the success of Orbs, Nick quit his day job and took up writing full time.

I’m guessing many of you will be familiar with Nick’s subsequent series “Hell Divers” – which, amusingly was supposed to be a trilogy, but is now releasing the 11th book in the series with a bunch of additional companion content.

Nick’s style fit (and fits) very well with the e-book format. It’s short chapters with strong characters that are action and story driven. Perfect for reading on your iPhone in the train on the way to work.

So here is our experiment. I’m going to put a Amazon affiliate link to Hell Divers here and if you follow it and buy the book on Kindle I get some fraction of a penny – which as my older brother says “Is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.” But more importantly I’ll see how many people used it and I’ll have an idea of the reach.

Amazon Affiliate Link -> runic00-20

I’m curious to see if anyone listens to these outros and curious to see if I can create any noticeable impact on sales of Nick’s work. Even if you don’t feel like buying Hell Divers, or you’ve already read it, go to Nick’s Website and send him a note that you like his work and I sent you.

Go ahead and do that for me so I can get a sense of who I’m talking to here!

Next – I watched the 2022 Jordan Peele movie NOPE. Which Wikipedia describes as a “neo-Western science fiction horror film.”

When this film first came out it got a ton of press. But the press wasn’t really focused on the film itself. The press was all about social and cultural issues. And when they did talk about the movie itself, they billed it as a horror movie.

Unfortunately, I think that may have turned people away from it. It diluted my interest.

But, I finally got around to watching it on cable and it is a fantastic film. It has so many layers to it. It’s hard for me to go into detail without spoilers, but you need to watch it in a way that you won’t be distracted because it is full of subtle clues and overarching themes that don’t become clear until you think through it a couple days later.

The acting is awesome. It was great to see Steven Yeun (Glen from the Walking Dead). The mashup of genres makes for some great cinematography – it’s a beautiful film with a lot going on and I recommend it.

Finally, I’ve been plowing through a podcast called “Our Fair City”. It’s a fun audio drama set in a post-apocalyptic world where the remainder of the human race is in bunker-like towers managed by a insurance company overlord corporation.

There are 8 seasons, and I’m currently in season 3. It’s got some good voice acting and fun storylines. It’s basically “Welcome to Nightvale” with more of a sense of humor. I like the comedic writing. It’s not going to change your life, but it’s entertaining.

All the links to everything are in the show notes and we will post this outro as a blog post on our website at

We have 423 members in the Facebook group now if you want to come over and commune with us.

We’re running at around 17,500 listens per month and 432,653 total downloads as of this morning.

Thank you or your ears and your time. I appreciate it.

Don’t forget to go buy something from Nick on Amazon using our affiliate code – I hear his audio books are very well done.

Keep your finger toes inside the vehicle, hang in there, and…keep surviving.

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